Project Management & Consulting:

I have a project outside of the heritage and creative sector, would you be willing to assist with it?

If you are looking for my skill set, I am happy to meet with you and review the project you have in mind. Please reach out via the contact form and I will be in touch soon.

Writing & Content Creation

How long is the turn around time for editing or creating content?

It depends on the project. Once I have a chance to review the project, I will provide you with a turnaround time frame.

Do you ghostwrite?

Sometimes on smaller works. I truly prefer not to ghostwrite as I think it is important for everyone to be recognized for their work and to authentically represent their talents.

Is Connections Across Time Press accepting submissions?

Not at this time. The independent press is a relatively new venture for me. I prefer to start off small with my entry into the world of independent publishing.

Help! I am having trouble downloading the e-book I purchased. What do I do?

I distribute all of the Connections Across Time Press shop e-books through Book Funnel. They have excellent customer support and troubleshooting. If you are having trouble downloading your book, please contact them at help@bookfunnel.com or visit their reader help page: https://bookfunnel.com/help.

Jewelry Design & Sales

What is your return policy?

Due to being textile based and the unique nature of each piece, I do not issue refunds or accept returns. All jewelry sales are final.

How long will it take to receive my order?

If the order is a preexisting piece in my inventory, your piece will ship within 3-5 days. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, shipping times will vary based on location.

If you have requested a custom piece, the time to receive it will vary based on availability of the components required to create it. Once I receive your request and we agree on a design concept, I can provide an estimated completion and shipping timeline.

How do I care for my soutache jewelry?

It is best to store your soutache jewelry in a jewelry box or in a drawer to prevent fading from excessive exposure to sunlight over time.

To clean your jewelry, you should lightly hand wash or dab the dirty area with a damp, soft cloth using cold water and a gentle soap or laundry detergent then pat dry.

If your piece contains a hand-painted element, it is best to try and remove dust or dirt with a dry, soft bristle brush or compressed air, so the paint is not scratched. If either of these methods do not remove whatever is on the jewelry, use a damp cotton swab or soft cloth with a gentle soap or enzymatic cleaner and very gently rub swab/cloth over piece to remove the grime. You want to use gentle pressure to limit damaging the paint.

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