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Connections Across Time practices visual storytelling through the creation of soutache jewelry. This vibrant, embroidery based jewelry is not only beautiful to wear, but provides the perfect opportunity to share history and heritage from around the world. Many of the components used to create the pieces are sourced from international artisans and small businesses. This is done to support the preservation and continuation of long-standing artistic traditions such as glass blowing, ceramic making, painting, and the manufacturing of other small craft items. Each unique piece comes with the history of any unique components integrated into its design. The goal of providing this information is to educate and spur curiosity about various places, peoples, and traditions. I also take custom orders if you have a vision, you’d like me to turn into wearable art for you or someone you know.

Sets and Miscellaneous Pieces For Sale

Artist Series

Il Bacio

This pendant features an artistic interpretation of Hayez’s 1859 masterpiece, Il Bacio. This lovely painting is a timeless classic. Additionally, the painting serves as an artistic embodiment of the Italian Risorgimento. The handprinted centerpiece was done by the talented Olga Drosdova and purchased from BottoninArte, an Italian cabochon and jewelry-maker based out of Verona. We framed the lovely portrait with three different shades of gold soutache, light blue soutache, and an iridescent white rope cord. Light blue Swavorski pearls, porcelain roses, and blue crystal accent pieces round out the design for a truly one of a kind gift for the art lover or hopeless romantic in your life. Included with the pendant is a matching cream colored ribbon necklace. Price includes shipping within the continental US. If the pendant needs to be sent outside of the US, please contact us for an updated total prior to purchasing this piece. Additionally, the purchaser is responsible for all customs and import taxes.


Historical Places Series

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